Experience and Innovation
Eldo Petrc laid the foundation stone for Petrc company in 1981.
We are the oldest private and family owned elevator company in Croatia, first internationally recognized elevator company from Croatia and winner of more awards in the field of elevator safety.
Throughout our short history we have established an enviable reputation for high-quality, for elevating with impression and innovations became the hallmark of Petrc operations.
Today Petrc is a leading domestic brand of elevators while innovations and excellent workmanship as the foundation of our success will remain the guiding principles of our future development.

Our mission

Installing the smoothest riding elevators on the most attractive coast of Europe – Croatian Adriatic Coast and vessels for all the world’s seas.

Our vision

To be a leading elevator company in Europe taking care of passenger high safety level, electrical energy savings and providing innovative stat-of-the-art technology with highest quality of products and services.

Record of domestic/international achievements


Design and production of special series microprocessor elevator control systems for ships, with dynamic drive control VVVF inverters and energy saving functions


Installation of first vertically and horizontally motorized system for cleaning of building glass facades (facade elevator) and first hydraulic VVVF frequency regulated elevator with energy saving


We have implemented quality management system ISO 9001


We have started our own production of microprocessor elevator control cabinets


Installation of first elevator with automatic vertically operated doors and PLC control system for transport of boats


Installation of first GSM Remote Monitoring & Control System for elevators


Installation of first hotel elevator with CAN-bus System, Planetary Gear and TFT LCD displays


Installation of first electronically controlled valve system for hydraulic elevator


We have been one of the first companies in the Europe that has introduced 24h x 365days maintenance system, onshore and offshore