2021 PETRC ELEVATOR Ltd. celebrates 40-years anniversary.


PETRC ELEVATOR Ltd. received the Recognition for 35 years of existence and an extraordinary contribution to the development of the Croatian economy by the Croatian Chamber of Economy.   [More...]
2015 Design and production of special series microprocessor elevator control systems for ships, with dynamic drive control VVVF inverters and energy saving functions.
2011 Installation of first vertically and horizontally motorized system for cleaning of building glass facades (facade elevator) in Croatia.
Installation of first hydraulic VVVF frequency regulated elevator with power saving in Croatia.

PETRC ELEVATOR Ltd. celebrates 30-years anniversary.  
2009 We have implemented  ISO 9001 management system for design, development, manufacture, installation, sales and after sales services of components, complete lifts and lifting devices. Accreditation body DNV.
2006 Installation of first elevator with automatic vertically operated doors and PLC control system for transport of boats in Croatia.   [More...]
2004 PETRC ELEVATOR Ltd. received the Award For The Improvement Of Innovation from Croatian Chamber of Economy.   [More...]
2003 PETRC ELEVATOR Ltd. received the medallion Golden Kuna from Croatian Chamber of Economy.   [More...]
2002 November : PETRC ELEVATOR Ltd. received the International Star Award For Quality and Excellence in Geneva.   [More...]

August :  PETRC ELEVATOR Ltd. presented first Telecontrol & Monitoring System for elevators (PETMS) in Croatia.   [More...]
2001 PETRC ELEVATOR Ltd. received the Arch of Europe Award for Quality and Technology in Frankfurt.   [More...]
1996 PETRC ELEVATOR Ltd. started internet pages what make us first elevator company in Croatia with internet pages and e-business.