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Silence and comfort puts escalators to the top of the world's offer. The new generation has inherited the traditional safety, reliability and high efficiency style. Escalator have glass balustrades with a slim line handrail, which causes the impression of handrail being attached directly onto the balustrade glass and provides a modern impression. Escalators have an important function in transporting numerous passengers in shopping malls, hotels, office blocks and transport terminals such as are airports, bus stations, railway stations and public places.


Inclination 30/35 degrees
Step width 600/800/1000 mm
Horizontal step run 800/1200 mm
Speed 0.5 m/s
Capacity 4500/6750/9000 passengers/hour
Power supply AC 3-phase, 50Hz/60Hz
Balustrade design Vertical safety glass (10mm safety tempered glass)
Balustrade profile Stainless Steel
Handrail Black (other colors optional)
Deckings & skirting panel Stainless Steel
Step Die casting aluminium, painted with silver gray. Optional black

For special, unique design according to the customer specifications please contact us.